Welcome To the Statue of Liberty

photo by Mrs. Yollis.

photo by Mrs. Yollis.

My class and I just arrived at the Statue of Liberty. Just kidding! We live in Californa. We were on a virtual reality trip. Virtual reality viewers are goggles with phones inside so that you can see many different places. In our case, Mrs.Yollis was holding an iPad to “take us to different places”. First, we visited Independence Hall along with the Liberty Bell. Then we saw the Golden Gate Bridge, the Alamo, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Grand Canyon.  Finally, we saw the Statue Of Liberty. My favorite location was the Statue Of Liberty.

The first fact about the Statue Of Liberty is it was build in France and got shipped to New York. It is also  151 feet (46 meters) tall. She

was also made by Gustas Eiffel. She stands on a broken chain which is a symbol of freedom. She is built out of copper The copper is two pennies thick.


I’ve never been to NY so that means I haven’t seen the Statue of Liberty in person. But one day I will definitely see the Statue of Liberty in person.


Have you ever been to the Statue of Liberty? If not, do you want to go? Why?

Of all the other places I visited on the virtual reality tour, where have visited and where was your favorite spot?

Spring Equinox

Photo by Betty Sushi

It’s spring!

If you are in the southern hemisphere you probably think I’m strange, but in California, and in all of the northern hemisphere, it is spring.

Our planet is tilted at an angle. Earth’s tilt and orbit cause the seasons to change. There is a little saying,  “April showers bring May flowers”.

In spring, there are more hours of sunlight.  Some animals migrate south to warmer locations for the winter and return home in the spring. Animals that have been hibernating for the winter, start to wake up.

photo from Pixabay

Many animals have their babies in the spring because there is a lot of food to go around. Earth day is celebrated in spring. We find out how our planet is changing and find out what we can do to help the environment.


What are your three favorite things about Spring?

What is your favorite season and why?

Avatar Fun!

Today we had fun in class creating an avatar. I am part of  Edublog’s Student Blogging Challenge, and I used the website Peanutize to create my avatar.

photo by Betty Sushi

My avatars name is Lavender, but my pen name is Betty. Lavender likes to wear plaid T-shirts and converse as her shoes.

I recommend Peanutize if you are doing an avatar. Peanutize is good to use because you pick a hair color,  outfit, and facial expression. It is pretty simple to do and fun in my opinion. I picked this background for Lavender because I like how plain of a color it is and not very busy.


Is your avatar similar to mine or totally different?

Do you like plain colors or busy colors?